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Security for all eventualities:
SCHEIDT doors and ventilation grille.

(Only in conjunction with our stations.)

At SCHEIDT, safety is not a matter of chance, but a matter of principle. Our equipment is in high demand in places wherever the most stringent requirements need to be met. Our range includes various built-in components for each purpose of use as well as grade-tested transformer doors and ventilation grates made of steel and aluminum. For almost every building opening and every requirement – for personal protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation and for optimal ventilation of your electrical equipment.

First of all, to prevent you from losing track in our wide range, we present you our range of walk-in stations (for compact construction: Page 56). There are many ways to make the right decision – for sure, one of them is: SCHEIDT.

Steel door, ventilation grille below
Example: Steel door, ventilation grille below
Aluminum door, ventilation grille above/below
Example: Aluminum door, ventilation grille above/below

With millimeter precision and exactly as required, SCHEIDT produces your transformer doors and ventilation elements in a durable, corrosion-resistant way and in accordance with the respective DIN and EN specifications.

Can either be fitted with under-door ventilation or with ventilation grate below and/or above. Other products, such as a double locking system (second profile cylinder), a glass fiber reinforced polyester GFP plastic door, T30, T60, T90 fire doors, soundproof doors and intruder-resistant transformer doors are available from SCHEIDT. Our world of fixtures is just waiting to be discovered by you.

Standard door dimensions Light door dimension Light door dimension
Overall dimension W x H (mm) Steel doors W x H (mm) Aluminum doors W x H (mm)
1190 x 2110 1150 x 2070 1146 x 2092
1270 x 2110 1230 x 2070 1231 x 2092
1320 x 2110 1280 x 2070 1281 x 2092
1520 x 2110, 2-winged 1480 x 2070 1481 x 2092
1190 x 2250 1150 x 2210 1146 x 2232
1270 x 2250 1230 x 2210 1231 x 2232
1320 x 2250 1280 x 2210 1281 x 2232
1520 x 2250, 2-winged 1480 x 2210 1481 x 2232
1190 x 2350 1150 x 2310 1146 x 2332
1270 x 2350 1230 x 2310 1231 x 2332
1320 x 2350 1280 x 2310 1281 x 2332
1520 x 2350, 2-winged 1480 x 2310 1481 x 2332

(Only in conjunction with our stations.)

Doors for walk-in stations

Internal hinges

Door lock/opening angle approx. 115° (steel doors)

Door lock/opening angle approx. 95° (aluminum doors)

Protection: IP 43

Protection class: insulated

Tested for maximum safety according to IEC 62271-202 (type test requirements)

Tested for leaks according to IEC 60529

Protected against penetration of solid foreign bodies (ø> 1.0 mm)

Protected against falling water spray (up to 60 ° to the vertical)

3-point locking

Greater safety thanks to additional locking bars above/below the main lock

With panic lock

Prepared lock for the use of profile semi-cylinders on-site

Further information

Dimension cylinder length

Measure from the center of the forend screw to the right/to the left for a cylinder length specification of e.g. 30/10 (incl. fitting), cylinder overhang max. 3 mm!

Dimension cylinder length
SCHEIDT doors and ventilation grilles
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