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Performance without limits.

SCHEIDT has an established footing in a demanding and highly sensitive area of ​​the energy industry. Our goal is always to ensure the safety of stations and facilities. Our high quality standard has made us known as a reliable partner beyond the borders of Germany. We govern all European and worldwide activities from our main plant in Rinteln. Because the markets of today are as international as the strategic orientation of most of our very well-known customers. With three production sites – Rinteln, Arnstadt, Hoyerswerda – we produce future-oriented intelligent solutions in order to grow and expand together with our customers in a cooperative and trusting manner.



Galgenfeld 2
31737 Rinteln

Tel.: +49 5751 1790 0
Fax: +49 5751 1790 50

Email: rinteln@scheidt.de

SCHEIDT Hoyerswerda

Straße zum Industriegelände 12
02977 Hoyerswerda

Tel.: +49 3571 4839 0
Fax: +49 3571 4839 80

Email: hoyerswerda@scheidt.de

SCHEIDT Arnstadt

Ichtershäuser Str. 63
99310 Arnstadt

Tel.: +49 3628 6113 0
Fax: +49 3628 6113 50

Email: arnstadt@scheidt.de

Great past, big future.

Email: info@scheidt.de

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