NZ 210-240 Technical data, dimensions

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Non-walk-in stations, cell construction

The SCHEIDT SYSTEM NZ 210-240 in detail.

Technical data:


 Rated capacity:  max. 630 kVA¹
External dimensions:
W: 2.10 m L: 2.40 m H: 2.39 m
Dimensions inside:
W: 1.81 m L: 2.11 m H: 2.14 m
Total weight empty:² about 7.48 t
Roof weight: about 1.76 t
Built-up area: 5.04 m²
Constructed space: 12.05 m³
Effective area: 3.82 m²
Station stop: Rd30
Roof anchorage: Rd16
Standard door dimensions Light door dimension Light door dimension
Standard dimensions Steel doors Aluminum doors
W: 1850 x H: 1320 mm W: 1760 x H: 1230 mm W: 1790 x H: 1185 mm
W: 1695 x H: 1605 mm W: 1605 x H: 1230 mm W: 1635 x H: 1185 mm
W: 1000 x H: 1105 mm W: 930 x H: 1015 mm W: 955 x H: 970 mm

¹ Installed rated capacity depending on the transformer losses
and the ventilation technology used.

² Empty weight depending on the station structure.

NZ 210-240
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