Raised floor system

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Free space with double floor.

When it comes to flexible space expansion, for example, for installation/extension/retrofit or replacement of complex utility lines, raised floor systems are a smart choice for the station. The substructure to support the switchgear and floor panels consists of galvanized profiles and steel columns, which are bolted together and electrically dissipative. In a 60 x 60 cm grid, high-density floor panels are loosely placed for quick access to the work area.

The operator of the system can easily access the floor cavity to easily reach cables, ventilation ducts and much more. For this, we use raised floor systems from renowned manufacturers.

For cable and pipe penetrations, we also use suitable sealing systems from certified manufacturers. Requirements for variable occupancy, fire, pressure, liquid or gas tightness can be systematically implemented. Everything is delivered turnkey to the construction site.

The alternative to the concrete floor

Maximum flexibility

Floor panels with glued edges (protection against mechanical stress/moisture)

Locked/unlocked as required

Profiles/steel columns electrically conductive

Variety of various surface coverings

Lighter weight than the concrete floor

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