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Non-walk-in stations, cell construction

Less height, more options.

The SCHEIDT SYSTEM NZ are non-walk-in transformer stations in cell construction. As compact prefabricated reinforced concrete buildings, they are hardly noticeable due to their excellent optical integration into the environment. They are cost-effectively built for numerous uses. Due to the manufacturing process, the dimensions of a compact station usually cannot be changed. But for every supply task and every equipment requirement, there are a variety of station sizes to choose from at SCHEIDT: You are guaranteed to find the right one.


Stations for energy supply, pump stations, gas control stations, converter and transfer stations for railroad operations, buildings for the accommodation of control and signaling systems

Construction and execution

Reinforced concrete elements: Compressive strength class C35/45

Cell construction without working joint (production in a cast/bell casting process)

Guarantee of high short-circuit and arc interference safety (including the inner partitions)

Highest possible water and oil resistance without additional coating


Hipped or pent roof-like 100-130 mm-thick reinforced concrete slab, bolted to the building from the inside


Already coated

Options and features

A range of door and ventilation grate sizes

Provided natural ventilation, if necessary: Forced ventilation (wall/roof fan)

Oil collecting surface additionally with oil-resistant paint

Sealing of the basin with WHG-approved system

Sealing systems from various certified manufacturers (for the feedthrough of cables and pipes)

Electrical equipment

All electrical components can be provided

Building assembly/combination

Performed at the factory

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