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Values ​​maintained. Renovations of your transformer station and your transformer house – for an impressive comeback.

A product must be of high quality to stand the test of time. That is why SCHEIDT always builds stations, transformer houses and buildings, including complex electrical engineering, with the crucial focus on full functionality and extremely long service life. But moisture, wear and environmental influences can cause damage to the outer shell as well as the interior. Specialized experience and technical knowledge are required to perform concrete renovation properly.

With SCHEIDT, you can realize individual, system and special solutions for every problem. Our proven cooperation with competent partners across all trades ensures high execution and substance quality in refurbishments. SIVV-certified for protection, repair, connection, reinforcement.

Refurbishment of transformer stations and refurbishment of transformer houses, all from one source

Project handling/technical clarification

Consultation with the energy supplier

Repairs/modernization incl. all electrical components

We make every effort to ensure that our experts provide you with state-of-the-art assistance so that perfect operation, functional reliability and appearance are restored. We also provide the best possible advice on modernization. SCHEIDT have an experienced team which is supported by local specialist companies such as carpenters, roofers, scaffolders and more. Because we want you to experience the personal difference that defines us – customers which are more than satisfied.

You can rely on our many years of experience in restoration, renovation, historic preservation, wall drainage, joint sealing, facade/concrete renovation, general renovation, cleaning, drainage, reconstruction, renovation of walls, crack repair, plasters, floor coatings, floor paints, floor sealants, paints and more


Personal protection

Implementation of the latest accident prevention regulations (UVV) of the employers’ liability insurance associations

Property protection

Roof waterproofing/renovation

Pavement/renewal windows/doors

Facade protective coating


Accidental damage

Storm damage

Severe weather damage (floods,
landslides etc.)

Aging process
– roof sealing/renewal
– pavement/renewal windows/doors



Old and new (old buildings with new technology)

Technology and nature conservation (tower stations as nesting site, e.g. for barn owls/bats/white storks)

Technology and monument protection


Concrete parts for building value maintenance

For permanent protection

Against harmful environmental influences

Further information

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