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What makes a building a masterpiece.

Build on your ideas: We can support you or help you to think ahead. For trailblazing buildings that SCHEIDT realizes with you. For unique items in special construction. This goes way beyond regular standard, this requires production technology and versatility in a program with expertise down to the last detail.

You will love our efficiency.

Take advantage of SCHEIDT’s many years of planning experience in individual projects – from buildings for energy and gas suppliers, special buildings for water management, telecommunications and industrial applications to special shaft construction; every new construction project benefits from this. Clearly conceived and designed for the long term. A SCHEIDT building has to be just as impressive after many years of use as when it is new. Our concrete technical know-how and electrotechnical management guarantee quality and safety on a tested and certified basis.


Specialist company according to WHG (Water Resources Act)

Type approval

MPA Braunschweig

iBMB Braunschweig

Arc interference qualification as per IEC 62271-202

Proof of current carrying capacity of earthing systems

Measurement to comply with BImSchV (26th Federal Immission Control Ordinance)

Protection level certification

Housing class/heating test as per IEC 62271-202

SIVV certificate quality protection concrete

Connexio certificate

Safe with System – tested by trade association

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