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The new view of things:
Your station, your design.

Even at first glance, a SCHEIDT supply station catches the eye. Because it can be designed exactly according to your own ideas, even on the outside. The range of structures and surfaces enables facade appearances that leave nothing to be desired.

Whether standard coating or exclusive charm, whether pure or special; a variety of different colors, shapes and joints allow many attractive design ideas. All planning office specifications, monument protection regulations and requirements for regional conditions can be met with SCHEIDT. The perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, extremely robust and weather-resistant.

Surface and facade design

Friction-effect plaster

Pebble plaster

Clinkering with split clinker mortar straps

Exposed aggregate concrete

Design as a framework imitation

Further information

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Set color accents, personally defined.

The basis for good looks is a classic profile – that of a box. But SCHEIDT can make something more out of this: Design. Depending on the SCHEIDT SYSTEM, the standard scope of delivery of the stations includes the color design of the roof, splash guard/rainwater pipe and structural coating of the RAL facade, the wash-resistant binder coating for the interior wall surfaces and the colors for doors and ventilation grates. For all-round results.

Standard colors

For RAL facades:
1014, 1015, 6011, 7032, 7035, 9001, 9010

For RAL steel doors and ventilations:
6003, 6011, 6020, 7023, 7032, 7035, 8014

For aluminum doors and ventilation grates;
naturally anodized (special color for an extra charge)

Set color accents, personally defined.
Ein Fächer voller Möglichkeiten plus Sonderfarben. Wichtig: Abweichungen zu den Originalfarben sind darstellungstechnisch bedingt!
RAL 1014 ivory
RAL 1014 Elfenbein
RAL 1015 light ivory
RAL 1015 Hellelfenbein
RAL 6003 olive green
RAL 6003 Olivgrün
RAL 6011 reseda green
RAL 6011 Resedagrün
RAL 7023 concrete gray
RAL 7023 Betongrau
RAL 6020 chrome oxide green
RAL 6020 Chromoxidgrün
RAL 7032 pebble gray
RAL 7032 Kieselgrau
RAL 7035 light gray
RAL 7035 Lichtgrau
RAL 8014 sepia brown
RAL 8014 Sepiabraun
RAL 9001 cream white
RAL 9001 Cremeweiß
RAL 9010 pure white
RAL 9010 Reinweiß
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