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References we are proud of.

Behind our well-known customers stands a large number of transformer house projects and buildings that are designed for the future. As smart as the SCHEIDT solutions are, they fit perfectly into the big picture – as a reference that shows that everything is as it should be. Let us personally advise you, whatever you are planning. SCHEIDT has the experience for it.

Bad Oeynhausen municipal utilities

The challenge: Ensuring a uniform, good water quality for the citizens of a town with approximately 13,800 house connections to the mains. Request: Buildings for pressure booster, pumping station, filter and well installations.

The SCHEIDT solution:

Water treatment plant for 30 m³/h

Water treatment plant for 100 m³/h with separate switch room

Pump station up to 160 m³/h incl. emergency generator room

Bad Oeynhausen municipal utilities

The result: Everything done right with SCHEIDT! The measurement results north and south of the River Werre show that the water, which flows through more than 430 km of underground supply lines, does not exceed ​drinking water regulation limit values.

“The main reason why people buy from us is reliability. And we can always find someone who can cater for every customer request”.

Thorsten Ebert – Plant Manager Arnstadt

"On the Nemphe" in Frankenberg

The challenge: Integration of a walk-in transformer station without basement downtown.

The SCHEIDT solution:

Walk-in transformer station without basement

Resistant to arc interference

With appealing wood paneling for seamless integration into the landscape

Roof surface as a “recreational area” for town visitors

Only an expert should be able to tell that a transformer station lies underneath

"On the Nemphe" in Frankenberg

The result: Securing of continuous urban electricity supply with optimal land use without any danger to pedestrian traffic.

Georgine Scheidt

“The human aspect is that company employees often know the owners here personally”.

Georgine Scheidt – Authorized Signatory

Further application examples in practice:

Wind turbines

Delivery of 21 SCHEIDT stations for a wind farm in Uetze (Lower Saxony),
Total output: 31.5 MW.

Photovoltaic systems

Delivery of a 500 and 1000 KW station for two roof systems in Laimering (Bavaria), 1064.9 kWp FV output.

Delivery of a FV system for a hall roof in Tödtenried (Bavaria) with a total of 494.9 kWp FV output.

Biogas plants

Delivery SCHEIDT SYSTEM BEK 300-650, transformer generation: 1250 kVA;
Transformer own use: 250 kVA.

Cable drawing chambers

Halle-Leipzig: Production and delivery of 380 cable ducts within 4 months.

Container Terminal Bremerhaven: Cable ducts for electrical and technical data supply and energy supply points for refrigerated containers.

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