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Smart Grid - where the future stops.

The new era is electrified, in an intelligently networked way. Smart Grid is making people think again – a move away from central “mere” power distribution to an infrastructure that can also handle electricity at countless decentralized feed-in points. The high requirements for stable and safe network operation are not easy to meet with decentralized feed-in. This is because the highest possible proportion of renewable energies also means fluctuations in production, in sunlight, wind and weather.

SCHEIDT has taken up this challenge together with its partners among energy supply companies and in industry – the result: Smart Grid – the intelligent network stations!

Smart Grid
Connected to a harmonious, stable system thanks to the Smart Grid: central electricity production by power plants, small local production units, diverse storage systems and consumers.

Measuring, controlling, regulating, communicating, automating.

SCHEIDT provides new technologies and innovatively adapts to the challenging supply system. Now it is possible to control a fluctuating feed-in by means of advanced components, to help relieve the grids and to stabilize the grids via control and regulation mechanisms.

Our intelligent network stations adapt to the dynamic processes within the power grid completely independently. With the help of controllable and manageable transformers, voltage fluctuations are compensated; the detection of network conditions in real time means the existing network capacity can be fully utilized. The end user benefits from a power supply which is always constant and complies with standards.

Smart Grid

A smart grid station from SCHEIDT is the reliable testing instance for detecting faults in good time and, if necessary, immediately disconnecting generation plants from the power grid. Load profiles, network utilization, faults and a multitude of other relevant data are recorded and evaluated by the control technology. Fast localization makes it possible to eliminate disruptions promptly. This ensures high network availability and minimal downtime. The load flow control only generates as much energy as is actually needed – this reduces costs and contributes to optimal network utilization. The use of storage technologies is an interesting perspective for absorbing excess energy from decentralized generation sources.

Have your intelligent local network station built to your specifications; from “classic control” to trend-setting solutions for a transfer station that combines telecontrol, transformer and protection technology in a compact, state-of-the-art way. The future is bright at SCHEIDT.

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