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The high art of being quick.

Our performance is evident in many ways. Thanks to the elemental design of the shell construction for a transformer house construction in Elmshorn (near Hamburg), it was possible to finish construction in just two working days – in signature SCHEIDT quality.

Pictures 1/2
Day 1)
7:00-10:00 AM: Preparation foundation/floor panel takes shape

Pictures 3/4
Day 1)
11:30 AM: Delivery of prefabricated components in the factory, exterior wall

Pictures 5/6
Day 1)
1:30 PM: Preparatory construction for two floors with ground-floor transformer basins

Pictures 7/8
Day 1)
2:00 PM: Positioning of wall, ceiling and roof elements by crane

Pictures 9/10/11
Day 1)
3:00 PM: Construction of the 2nd floor in a modular system within a very short time

Picture 12
Day 2)
8:00 AM: Insertion of interior walls

Pictures 13/14
Day 2)
11:00 AM: Shell, view from above

Pictures 15/16
Day 2 )
In parallel: Scaffold erection

Picture 17
Day 2)
3:00 PM: Completion of shell

Complete building with externally connected steel stairs:Finished!

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