Doors for compact stations

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Our transformer doors of the compact class.

The non-walk-in SCHEIDT SYSTEME NZ and NEK in cell construction also reflect our fundamental principle – safety. The transformer doors and ventilation grates are designed accordingly for compact dimensions; a class of its own for mastering critical situations.

Double-winged steel door
Double-winged steel door
One-winged steel door
One-winged steel door
One-winged aluminum door
One-winged aluminum door
Steel ventilation grilles
Steel ventilation grilles
Aluminum ventilation grilles
Aluminum ventilation grilles

Dimension cylinder length

Measure from the center of the forend screw to the right/to the left for a cylinder length specification of e.g. 35/10 (incl. fitting), cylinder overhang max. 3 mm!

Dimension cylinder length

Doors for walk-in stations

Internal hinges

Door lock/opening angle approx. 115° (steel doors)

Door lock/opening angle approx. 95° (aluminum doors)

Protection: IP 43

Protection class: insulated

Tested for maximum safety according to IEC 62271-202 (type test requirements)

Tested for leaks according to IEC 60529

3-point locking

Prepared lock for the use of profile semi-cylinders on-site

With panic lock

Standard door measurements steel doors and aluminum doors
Overall dimension W x H (mm)
630 x 400
880 x 610
930 x 390
990 x 790
990 x 990
1100 x 1320
1440 x 400
1450 x 1600
1900 x 500
2000 x 750

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